Better off than I thought

November 13, 2018

Jees, after researching the percentage of women who are financially devastated after divorce and shuffling through some case studies, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m not doing so bad after all.

According to a report by a group of sociologists from Bowling Green, “27% of divorced, older women live in poverty, compared to 11% of divorced men in that age group.”

That’s a staggering number and I’m not surprised either. Our violent anti-female societal structure almost ensures women will languish without a male partner.

After I read that depressing nugget of info, I checked the federal poverty levels to assess if I live in poverty and I got even more depressed. Not because of my take home income (which sucks), but because there are people who live at or below these appalling levels.

An individual is considered in poverty if their income is $16,460. In my work, I see too many women barely getting to the next day. The hustle is real.

After completing the nauseating comparisons, I’m happy to report that my financial future is not bleak and is on a sunny trajectory to success. I hope. I think. I don’t want to jinx myself.

How did I begin positioning myself as a single, female with the goal of financial independence?

Well, I have a story for you.


(Check back tomorrow)

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