The “In-Between” ~ An Explanation of how so many people ages 38-55 don’t have enough money saved for retirement
Baby Boomer  <HERE IS WHERE WE ARE> Millennial

I’m not a baby boomer with a defined, livable pension fund and I’m not a millennial forced to become close friends with “necessity is the mother of invention” and a solvable problem.

My retirement roadmap shifted like a tectonic plate through the years with no clear definition of where it was going to settle. My age group didn’t know there was a problem.  Someone was switching the stage sets while we weren’t looking.

Historical Aside (if you’re interested)

When I  graduated from the kid’s table, the adults said, “Pension!”

And then this happened ~


Phase Out

Then this happened ~


The rise of the 401k

The hard and fast rules of retirement planning incrementally changed during my mid-20’s to mid-30’s. By my late 30’s, I realized I was way behind in the retirement game.

And all the while, this ~


College tuition skyrocketed

And this happened~


Are you relating to this scenario? I bet you are. Too many people are.

If you are between the ages of 38-55, this blog is for you.


Published by Paige Hales

I’m a middle aged woman trying to live a life unfettered by ego, low vibes, power constructs and untenable social systems. Living authentically isn’t an easy path, but living on my own terms is my next foreseeable goal. Figuring out how to live my life in peace and do the things I love to do like read, write, travel, be frugal, be spiritual, make money and find joy in community, nature and the ocean. Join me on the notion that life is NOT what I DO. It’s who I AM!

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