The “In-Between” ~ An Explanation of how so many people ages 38-55 don’t have enough money saved for retirement
Baby Boomer  <HERE IS WHERE WE ARE> Millennial

I’m not a baby boomer with a defined, livable pension fund and I’m not a millennial forced to become close friends with “necessity is the mother of invention” and a solvable problem.

My retirement roadmap shifted like a tectonic plate through the years with no clear definition of where it was going to settle. My age group didn’t know there was a problem.  Someone was switching the stage sets while we weren’t looking.

Historical Aside (if you’re interested)

When I  graduated from the kid’s table, the adults said, “Pension!”

And then this happened ~


Phase Out

Then this happened ~


The rise of the 401k

The hard and fast rules of retirement planning incrementally changed during my mid-20’s to mid-30’s. By my late 30’s, I realized I was way behind in the retirement game.

And all the while, this ~


College tuition skyrocketed

And this happened~


Are you relating to this scenario? I bet you are. Too many people are.

If you are between the ages of 38-55, this blog is for you.


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