November 15, 2018 (maybe the 16th…it’s late or early)

“You complete me” are three powerful words that countless people hang their hopes on. And it couldn’t be more off-base in regards to relationship/partnership.

Nothing external will make me whole or complete. No partner, no marriage, no work and no material things. It took me decades to understand this.

I meet myself where I am. For better or for worse. I already am whole and in a committed relationship with myself.

I agree to stay with me, no matter what and I forgive myself for my mistakes. The authentic me.

I am re-learning how to sit with myself and how to enjoy my time with me. I will love myself the way I would want someone else to love me.

My job is to light up my little corner of the world. I am my own soulmate.

Big day tomorrow! Slow and steady. Slow and steady path to freedom.


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