Step Away from Black Friday

Hey, You! This Friday. Before you step out to your car or bus or train…Stop for a second. 

Ask Yourself… Do I need it? Do they need it?

  • Is what I think I need worth fighting the traffic?
  • Is it worth driving all over parking lots or up and down streets searching for a parking spot?
  • Is it worth standing in an infinite check-out line, or possibly even camping out on Thursday night at Best Buy?
  • Is it worth dealing with the utter bullshit?

Maybe, if you like that kind of stuff. Personally, I’m OK with standing in lines. I peer into people’s grocery carts and wonder about their meal plans ~ trying to get ideas or when I’m standing in line at the airport, I study people’ attire and their carry-on’s and try to figure out if they are going north or south, east or west.

Oppositely, I’ve seen people go OFF when they have to stand in line and it’s not a pretty or enjoyable experience. How a person behaves while waiting is a choice and I choose to be entertained or entertain myself.

“Wait!” you may ask yourself.

You just said, “Don’t go out on Black Friday because of the lines,” and then you said, “You are OK with lines. Stop being confusing.”

My line acceptance philosophy is simple. I am in line for a necessity 90% of the time. (The other 10% is under consideration for a different post. 😐)

I’m not subconsciously mad because I’m spending money that I don’t have or don’t want to spend because it’s a cultural norm and expected of me.

One year, I happened to be in Manhattan on Black Friday with the kids and I shudder when I think back to that day. Firstly, the entire population of the world was in mid-town and we had to hold hands like a chain gang to avoid being swept away by the crowds. We walked by the Plaza Hotel. I think the Plaza is beautiful and I wanted the kids to see it. Unfortunately, PETA was there too. The kids didn’t see the Plaza because their eyes were melted by gigantic, terrifying posters of animal cruelty. Everybody has an agenda including PETA ~to ruin kid’s positive holiday memories.

We escaped to Central Park and spent the rest of our afternoon climbing rocks and enjoying the peace and quiet.

All that to say, think again. Do you really need whatever it is? Do they really need whatever it is? Is it a good deal or are you getting sucked into the hype?

Lastly, consider going for a walk or playing a board game or making turkey soup. Whatever it may be, but step away from Black Friday and enjoy what Thanksgiving was originally meant to be..and that’s time spent with the people you love. 


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