“Joy”eux Noël

Think of moments of past, present and anticipatory joy. The barely containable joy. The kind of joy that finds you grinning from ear to ear. Bubbling inside. The cusp of orgasm happy. The kind of joy that occasionally shows up and in my case is synonymous with experiences like the stretching room of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World or stepping off the plane in Paris or being side-swiped and swirled by a manta ray while scuba diving. You know the feeling. The kind of joy that steals your breath and leaves you perceptibly trembling.

Is joy fleeting and occasional? Is it required that we feel joy only when something out of the ordinary is happening or because of something?

Like simply waking up feeling safe, secure, worry free, stress free with nowhere to go (for the moment). It happened to me this morning. My dog was watching as I opened my eyes – patiently waiting for me to wake up and play with him. I felt unabashed joy that lasted throughout the day and into the night. Damn, I’ll take it. What a great feeling (and no mood altering substances were involved).

Or it could be that I love all the pretty holiday lights.

Or I’m excited for what 2019 has to bring.

Or it could be that I’m excited for the winter solstice (longest night of the year) and the days will begin to get longer. AND this year’s winter solstice coincides with a full moon AND the Ursid meteor shower. On the eves of December 21-22, go outside and look up and experience joy and delight at the amazing celestial event (that will not occur again until 2094).

Is it possible to experience joy in simple day-to-day things? I believe, “Yes, it is possible, but it takes inner work”. Lately, I’ve been meditating more often and it helps me be more present. When I am present, I am happy.

Do you want to have a go at meditating?

Try my favorite meditation app: Insight Timer



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