Good Things and Shitty Things

I could’ve said, “the good with the bad”. Whatever. “Good Things and Shitty Things” is more funny and the good with the bad is played out.

I have many good things happening in my life, but I also have a healthy smattering of shitty things dotted throughout too. Without the shitty things, I wouldn’t appreciate the good things, right?

Let’s look at what is happening with the recent college admissions scandal. Talk about having an overabundance of good things, and it all blows up in your face and turns shitty. Can you even imagine thinking you were admitted into *insert prestigious university here* and feeling good about your personal achievement and then discovering it was all a sham? And your reality simply crumbles to dust? And who you think you are is not who you are?

All because someone thought, above all else, how things “look” is more important. The word, “look” being defined here as “social status”. There are more someones in our world that think how things “look” is more important than how things “are”.

As a result of this perception, people fall into the unconscionable zone and offer wads of money to other people to forward the “how things look is more important” group think.

This bad behavior has been accepted and occurred for generations. Cycling over and over…unbroken…until last least for a little while..until it begins again in a deep, underhanded and malicious manner.

Oppositely, can you imagine having all the requirements for admission into *prestigious university* and you aren’t admitted? The takeaway here is “you aren’t good enough”. An admittance system you thought you could trust and depended on isn’t real. Shattered by privilege. And the cycle remains unbroken..until now..and things will change and policies will change.

Everyone that has been to college or is going to college or is in college is affected in some way by this. Everyone.

And the someones that think “how things look” is more important will think twice about cheating the system.

And so we revisit the importance of the delicate balance between the good things and the shitty things. The shitty thing has now possibly become a good thing. Funny how things work.

“There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus.” – Thich Naht Hanh

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