Transit of a Beloved Friend

Sunday, May 24, 2020

In two days, my brother’s best friend and my life long friend, Mark, is going to euthanize. I know that’s a shocking first sentence, but 2020 is nothing short of shocking. I’m watching all of us go from shock to shock.

I met Mark when I was 7 or 8 years old. He was around us a lot. I remember his calming presence. I never felt unsafe around him. When I think about Mark, I feel love and acceptance. He never judged me, ever.

I’ve dreamed about Mark ever since I can remember. Once or twice a year, he would pop up in my dreams. I noticed him there and journaled his appearances through the years.

I would wake up and write, “Well, that was nice. Mark was in my dreams again last night.” It’s apparent to me that Mark made a positive impression on me early in my life.

He ended up doing amazing things and positively impacting human life as well as ecological life on a global scale. Wait, let me switch that around, he impacted ecological balance which positively impacted human life. Thanks, Mark! Being a servant leader and an environmental steward is an admirable and humble way to influence change. We need more of you!

As is all humans way, consciously or not, I processed Mark’s struggle with the dementia daemon while I slept.

Sleeping is sacred to me and bed time is oftentimes the best part of my day. Some use books or gaming or writing or creating or whatever to enter into different realms of time and space. Sleep is my escape.

Naturally, since sleep is big on my to do list, dreaming is my entertainment and flying dreams, to me, are the ultimate prize. I may be revealing my insanity, but FFS, daily life is mental right now. I‘m only falling in line.

There are different levels of dream flying or astrally projecting as I call it. There is the one where I wake up frustrated because yes, I’m flying, but only wobbling a few feet above the ground and traveling at a speed slower than smell. I am laden with a physical body in this dream type. May as well be walking. I wake up and say, “Almost. Maybe next time”.

Then there is the very high in the sky dreams and my physical body is gauzy and nominally heavy. I can see my hands and feet and I watch people and life happening below. These dreams are delightful. I wake up going, “Hell yeah! That was fun.”

Then there is the ultimate flying experience where I’m able to project instantly to places I haven‘t visited before. The adrenaline and empowerment here is righteous and divine. I’ve only had a handful of these that I remember. I’ve no physicality here. Spirit only.

Back down to the level plane, Mark and his family are in Belgium. My family and I are in the US. We are separated by the Atlantic and 6,500km. It seems that an ocean doesn’t make a shred of difference in regards to connection.

I mentioned that I’ve dreamed of Mark throughout my life. The dreams were mostly benign. He would kind of be where I was whether at a beach or a house or on a mountain hike. If I could pinpoint a dream theme, he would be showing me things. I think of Mark as more of a gentle life guide.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve dreamt of Mark twice. I’ve come to frame the dreams as visitations. Astral travel. I’m a mere simpleton when it comes to the universe(s) and forms of matter and energy. Ha ha. Universes(s). Whoop, a conundrum. Universe can’t be plural because the universe is the universe, but is it?

The first visit was on Tuesday morning, May 6th and the second visit, Friday morning, May 22nd.

In the first dream, Mark was hanging out with us in a house somewhere. We were simply “being”. Present were my family and Mark’s family and some shadow figures that felt like they belonged there. The atmosphere was filled with warm light, serenity, happiness and a very chill vibe. The previous and current week had been an anxiety-riddled shitbox and I woke up happy and peaceful with a lightness within that I hadn’t felt in a long while. I sat on the side of the bed and said to myself, “Thanks, Mark. I intensely needed that!”

Later that day, I told my brother, Craig about the dream, and he said, “I had the same type of dream about Mark a couple of weeks ago. He is visiting us from another plane of existence.“ I agreed and we wondered if Mark was visiting others too. If anyone can travel astrally it would be Mark. I have no doubt in my mind.

In the early morning of Friday, May 22nd, I woke up to a blood curdling scream and the scream was coming from me. The scream woke up my daughter and she flew into my room and soothed me back to sleep. I was dreaming about Craig and Mark.

The dreamscape. A room. Craig is asleep. Mark is awake kneeling beside him and telling him something. I am invisible. I couldn’t hear what Mark was muttering, but Craig slowly woke up shaking his head left to right. Craig’s eyes flew open and he was about to say something. I decided to stop whatever was about to be said and since I didn‘t have a physical body, my only option was to scream as loud as I could so they both could hear me. And they did because they both looked my way and I woke up.

That morning, I made a conscious decision not to tell my brother about the dream. I didn’t want to distress Craig. A few hours later, Craig called and told me that Mark had made the decision to euthanize in three days on Tuesday, May 26th. At that point, I told Craig about the dream. He said, “You knew before I told you.” Yep, I was visited again and with some news this time. Whoa.

Photo by Andrew Preble on Unsplash

Interconnection. Like a stand of Aspen trees, we are all one organism . There are only a few things that I know and this I know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Two days later, on Monday, I channeled ”Tita” from the movie, ”Like Water for Chocolate” and with all the love I could muster, on the eve of Mark’s departure, I made him a transition candle. It burned for 3.5 days from Tuesday morning until Friday morning.

I worked up a little candle making video . Watch if you please. It was the least I could do.

Here is a video showcasing the release of Mark’s book, “Riding the Waves of Dementia”.

Mark left a beautiful family, legacy and lasting impressions on everyone that was lucky enough to be around him.

See you on the flip side, Mark!


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