2020 Ramble: Things Keeping Me Halfway Sane Through Quarantine Thus Far

Stimulus checks – jk
Shipt – Personal Grocery Shopper
Use my link and get $10 off membership when yo
u sign up

My prior experience spending disproportionate amounts of time alone as a kid.
Being a Gen-X’er.

My Daughter

Birch Benders Paleo Waffles

Mental Health Tok

“Zero Assholes” Policy


Paddy from TikTok @paddythepanda

Setting Intentions while sitting amidst fire, crystals, resin and incense. In other words, firing up my neuroplasticity.

Herbal Tea, French Pressed Coffee

Waking to my dog’s gaze every single morning, patiently waiting for me to rise.
He is perfection.

My daily journal.
My yoga teacher, Wendi

Bailey Sarian, Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday shana sha shana shu shana shu shu shana shu




You Tube Perfume Reviewers


Soft, colorful lights in every room.
The rhythmic song of the fan‘s chain tapping the light in the living room.
The sound of bells when I open or close the front door.

Helping people in my community

cold af

Participating in mass meditations on a global scale.
My robot vacuum, Chani.

Bicycle rides

Abraham Hicks
Dolores Cannon

Lisa Lister

Long baths with bubbles, music and candles and humming.

Chilled Cow, Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Vibing with like-minded people.
Shadow work.

Loving me. I’m beautiful. I believe me finally.

Embracing the authentic me


Foraging, Herbalism


The people that love me 🙂

These are in no particular order. You might find some things in here that resonate!

Calming, low key, beautiful, peaceful self-care seems to be the theme.

Comment with your coping tools!

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